Make Nutritious Lunches for Your Little

WHAT TO ENCOURAGE Veggies (especially greens!) Fruit Eggs Avocado Beans Nuts, Seeds Whole Grains (Oats) Berries Good Quality Dairy (Yogurt) Wild Fish (Salmon) WHAT TO AVOID Juice Soda Sports Drinks Frozen Finger Foods Tuna Fried Foods Packaged Processed Foods Refined Sugar + Flour All Food Dyes MSG Refined Oils MOST IMPORTANT FOR GROWING KIDS Fibers: berries, avocado, oatmeal, beans Vitamin D: salmon, mackerel, egg yolk, fortified foods, sun Iron: red meat, chicken, fish, beans, leafy greens Calcium: broccoli, dairy, salmon, leafy greens B Vitamins: meat, poultry, fish, eggs Vitamin E: vegetable oils, nuts, seeds

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