Stacey has been offering private chef and catering services in Arizona since 2007. Her clients trust that she will always provide them with an exclusive and delicious culinary experience. She provides an innovative and healthy approach to in-home dining and catering and thrives on creative requests. Her creations focus on seasonal ingredients and she loves to use the flavors of the Southwest in her cooking. 

Stacey and her team work with top executives, athletes and celebrities for special event catering and with reaching nutritional goals. Much of Stacey's inspiration is drawn from her working as the Executive Chef of the Arizona Cardinals. Because she feels everyone should have access to the healthiest and most locally sourced food, she has made her creations readily available at her Grab & Go retail location.


Stacey and her team pride themselves on giving their clients creative food, exceptional service and an unforgettable dining experience.

our team

owner, chef
in house baker
in-house personal chef
director of catering operations

why our customers love us...

Stacey & John McFarlane 

"We have used Stacey Weber numerous times for both adult events and children's parties. We love the delicious and diverse menu options and she is always willing and eager to help customize the menu to our needs. Stacey and her crew are both friendly and professional. A chef inevitably becomes part of the party and has interactions with the guests. Stacey manages this with ease and is so sweet and welcoming.

They come with everything they need to prepare and serve the meals and go above and beyond with cleaning and tidying up after. The best part - they package up all the leftovers and store them in the refrigerator so you can enjoy for days after!  We would definitely recommend Stacey and we always look forward to our events and can rest easy that Stacey and her crew will do a great job and take care of things!"

Dr. Heather Wolfson D.C.  
"Not only was Stacey our first Chef, but she was our oldest son's first crush! She turns ordinary Paleo food into extraordinary dishes which would turn any conventional foody into a die hard organic Paleo enthusiast. She has attained this success because she has maintained the passion for serving organic non-GMO foods which, I can proudly say, The Drs Wolfson exposed her to." 
Audrey and Paul Johnson

"We have used Stacey's services on several occasions and have always been delighted. We became so comfortable in her capabilities that we tell her how many will be attending and ask her to pick the menu. Being very type A, we have never done that with anyone before. In addition to wonderful food, she is very easy to work with and brings a great personality that interacts well with our guests. I can not recommend her highly enough."